Hi there.

Welcome to my website!


I'm Jasper, I'm 15 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.
I currently follow HAVO education at a high school in Nijmegen.

I'm a starting developer, and am able to use a multitude of programming languages, like JavaScript, PHP, C# and a bit of Python. I'm also proficient in web languages, like HTML and CSS.


I've made multiple projects using my skills, both in school assignments and personal use.
Here's some of my top ones.

• Kristalbank

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP

Kristalbank was one of my personal projects. Yes, it was made for my school, but it wasn't an assignment. The plan was to actually deploy this in my school, however, I couldn't find the time.

As the name suggests, Kristalbank is a bank. The name is derived from my school's name. In this bank, people don't have euros, dollars, pounds or whatever - they have crystals.
The general idea was that students could earn crystals by getting high grades, a higher grade meaning getting more crystals. With this, they could buy online stuff, like videogames, or resources in those games.
The plan was ambitious, and I didn't realise at the time how huge the costs of this would be. The project remains on my server, as a reminder of bad ideas.

• BoekSelector

JavaScript, HTML

This, I actually use on a daily basis.

BoekSelector shows me what books I should pack for the day, based on a daily schedule. The schedule is consistent every week, so it requires no outside connection.
It gets the difference between 2 arrays - classes today, and classes the day before. It then says which books should be taken out, and which should go in, along with a simple overview of today's classes.
I made this in one morning using JavaScript.


If, for whatever reason, you'd like to contact me, please do so either via Twitter or GitHub.